Hi, I'm Linda, welcome to my Starving Foodie Blog.

I have had a wooden spoon and a camera in my hands since I was about 12 years old. I never thought about it much.  Helping my mom out in the kitchen was just a thing I did.  I also had a love of music and photography then and would take photos of my friends and random things around my house.  At that time there wasn't such a thing as the Internet and all the social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook back then or I may have had a different career path in my life. Although family would say I should work in a restaurant when I got older I never considered it as a career goal but I would have liked to be a photographer for a career but wasn't encouraged to go that direction as it wasn't a stable job.  So I just did it as a hobby my whole life and now years later people have made a career of taking photos of food and posting it everywhere.  I wish I had a crystal ball back then.  Things would be radically different now.

I  started this blog after my mom passed away because I was at home cooking more and posting pics to Facebook and a bunch of my friends convinced me that I should write a food Blog.   That was in 2011 and I have been enjoying the challenge of trying to find new things to write about since then.

People say that I am everywhere, but when I am not out checking out a food festival or a new restaurant I am home creating simple real food.  I love classic comfort food and have always had a love of a variety of flavours. I love to eat something different all the time but my go to food is always simple food like bread and cheese.

I am a Food Revolution Ambassador and on the advanced inspiration team for Gastropost the Community created by Postmedia Lab for the National Post.  I have participated in close to 150 missions and my photos have been published in the National Post in the Gastropost section over 50 times at last count.

You can follow my food journey and other things on Twitter and Instagram  at @LindaMatarasso
Email me at starvingfoodieinfo(at)gmail(dot)com

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  1. Hi Linda. Wha a great, thought-provoking and moving article on the state of our city. I couldn't agree more with you. Thanks for the inspiration


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